Mrs. Bobbi Okesson's and Mrs. Suzanne Buckles' 6th grade STEM class have been working extremely hard these past few weeks. Using the invention process (Think It, Explore It, Sketch It, Create It, Try It, Tweek It, and Share It) they have been placed in the role of being an engineer. What have they created? Well some super cool solar powered devices! After brainstorming with their partners students, through the use of Tinkercad, have created a prototype of their solar powered design and this week they get to print it using our 3D printer.

It was an exciting day today having Mr. Michael Helms come teach us more about using Tinkercad and 3D printing. Mr. Helms also shared with our students how engineers use Cad (an adult version of TInkercad) to design cars, houses, motors, etc. Our students can not wait to print out their prototypes and bring them home to share with their families.