Krispy Kreme

Can someone say WOW!

Look at all those doughnuts. Bet we all know what's for breakfast in the morning. Kelley Smith Elementary had a much talked about record with the Gainesville Krispy Kreme store. Back in 2011 KSES sold 2,500 dozen doughnuts and that record has yet to be beat by anyone...until today! KSES has given them something new to talk about. That's right Sharks WE BEAT OUR RECORD with 2,560 dozen doughnuts sold this year and 1,160 certificates.

We sold $37,200 worth of doughnuts which gave our students a profit of $18,600! Kelley Smith families did an amazing job selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Thank you to everyone who supported our Sharks and helped our students with their end of the year field trip.